EMQN’s EQA schemes are designed to test the whole analytical process of a genomics diagnostic laboratory

Together with our network of over 270 expert assessors, we will check your laboratory’s ability to analyse relevant samples and interpret test results in relation to mock clinical referrals. We will also assess the clarity and accuracy of your report.

We offer a range of different schemes, some in collaboration with our partners, including Novartis, Amgen, AstraZeneca, Eli Lily, Janssen, MSD, Incyte, and more.

The scope of our schemes differs depending on your genomic specialties and the types of tests you are performing. Certain technical schemes focus on sequence data quality and benefit from benchmarking data over time or against other laboratories. More in-depth schemes covering analytical and clinical interpretation are overseen by our independent expert assessors for compliance against best practice.

Whichever type you need, you will receive bespoke educational feedback and our full support in implementing any necessary changes to ensure compliance and ultimately the best possible service for patients.


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How & when to subscribe to a scheme

Success stories: some of our clients

About EQAs

Please consult our catalogue for the most accurate pricing information.


  • Most EQA schemes cost between £100 – £920.
  • Some EQA schemes are FREE to participate in or have a significantly reduced entry fee, e.g. due to third-party corporate sponsorship.


Multi-purchase discount

  • 7.5% discount when buying 6 or more EQA schemes
  • 15% discount when buying 12 or more


Discounts for evolving economies:

If your laboratory is in a country listed as an emerging and developing economy in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Economic Outlook, you can apply for a significant reduction of the EQA fees for 4 years, providing you agree to continue to participate in an EQA at full cost thereafter.

Laboratory performance criteria

EMQN’s aim is to ensure that laboratories are delivering the highest possible quality of service.

We work according to professional consensus and attempt to improve quality through education and peer group review rather than censure or penalty. However, it is still necessary to measure performance against set criteria and national/international standards to identify participants performing poorly.

Our criteria are detailed in the documents below:

  • Molecular pathology schemes (link)
  • Disease-specific and technical schemes (link)
  • For all schemes, poor performance is incurred for the following reasons:
    • Non-submission of results (unless acceptable prior notification to EMQN)
    • Critical genotyping error (false positive or false negative result)
    • Critical interpretation error and/or incorrect advice which adversely affects patient clinical management

Individual laboratory reports (ILR)

After assessment, you will be able to download a provisional ILR from your EMQN account. This report which provides feedback against set criteria, also includes educational advice and may be further updated based on the findings of any appeal before the final ILR is published.

Provisional reports will be clearly marked as such. An example of a final ILR can be found here.

Summary scheme reports

In addition to the ILR, we also provide each laboratory with a summary scheme report which summarises issues encountered by other participant laboratories, including educational advice, commentary on new development for the scheme, and provides statistics which can help you to compare your performance against the benchmark.


You will receive a certificate summarising your performance for all EQA schemes that you have participated in with EMQN each year.

An example copy of a certificate can be found here.