Sample Dispatch Report

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for choosing EMQN CIC as your EQA scheme provider. This shipment package contains the samples you require to complete this year’s EQA exercise(s). However, BEFORE you continue, please do the following:

  1. Download a copy of the “Scheme Instructions” from the EMQN CIC website
    Log in to your EMQN CIC account (via, go to the Participate menu from the left-hand side of the screen. Ensure the year from the “Year/Season” box is set to the year for the scheme you need the instructions for. To change this, change the year and press “Search”. Click on the name of the relevant scheme(s) from the available list which is displayed. Scheme instructions are listed in the Scheme Documents section.
  1. Check that you have the correct samples
    This package contains a shipment sample dispatch note. Please check whether the contents agree with your order as shown on the sample dispatch note. Full details about the expected number of samples for each scheme can be found in the “Scheme Instructions” document (see point 1 above).
  1. Check your EMQN CIC Lab ID number
    Your EMQN CIC lab / organisation number is printed on the enclosed shipment sample dispatch note. You can also check it by logging in to your EMQN CIC website account and clicking the “Lab Summary” button. We will send information relating to EMQN CIC products and services to your Primary Contact email address. This will include all correspondence relating to the account such as registration deadlines, schemes/scheme instruction updates, the publishing of results, appeal deadlines and the issuing of certificates. We also provide updates and information on our website, on Twitter and on the EMQN CIC Account. Please ensure your information is up to date.

Should you have any problems then please contact the EMQN CIC office:

Email: Tel: +44 161 7571591

Thank you once again for choosing EMQN CIC as your EQA provider.

With best wishes,