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Why choose an External Quality Assessment (EQA) or proficiency test (PT) in molecular diagnostics?

Assure quality | Prevent errors | Interpret correctly

As a molecular diagnostics service provider, you want to be sure that you offer the best possible service. This is where EQAs can provide a wide range of benefits, whether you’re a hospital laboratory or a private testing company:

  • Regulatory compliance and accreditation
  • Quality assurance & risk mitigation
  • Objective evidence
  • Standardisation & harmonisation
  • Continuous professional evaluation & development
  • Relied on by patients and treating physicians

Look no further:
EMQN offers more than just assessment!

EMQN is leading global provider of quality assurance tools and knowledge to the human molecular pathology and genomics testing community. Our network of highly experienced assessors will guide you to diagnostic excellence. 

The best schemes and assessments

EMQN offers External Quality Assessment (EQA) schemes, also referred to as proficiency tests (PT). But we go far beyond simply selling these schemes.

EMQN’s EQA schemes are designed and developed to test the whole analytical process of a molecular diagnostics laboratory, from sample, through testing and interpretation, to final report.

For each EQA we provide at least two expert peer assessors who will meticulously evaluate your ability to interpret your results in relation to mock clinical referral information, as well as assessing the clarity and accuracy of your final report.

Participation means you can rest assured you are providing the best possible clinical diagnostic procedures, analytical performance, and clinical interpretation.

The best support and knowledge

Additional support

Our services don’t stop at administering schemes, we are also available for additional support and guidance to assist you in optimising your procedures.

Knowledge leaders

EMQN’s community comprises an extensive peer group assessor base and network of key opinion leaders who are committed to regularly publishing best practice guidelines. This unique collaboration of experts takes pride in offering true knowledge leadership to the molecular diagnostics field.

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Technical assessment
Pre- & postnatal
Inter-laboratory comparisons

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