Update on EMQN Membership

2 weeks ago

EMQN CIC, as an organisation has a valued membership base, through which we are able to share our learnings and offer our EQA schemes at a competitive rate to our members. We value the loyalty of our members and with this in mind we have the following update.

We have recently undergone an organisational review, and as a result our membership scheme is evolving and adapting to fit in with both the needs of our members and our organisation. From 2022, we will be offering our membership at no yearly cost. This is a change from our previous membership fee of £150 per year. Our members will continue to benefit from the high quality service and support that we offer, alongside being able to access special opportunities and offers only available to those who are part of our membership.

This change to our membership fee will ensure that we can offer a more streamlined approach to invoicing and our clients will only pay for the EQA schemes that they wish to sign up to.

In addition, we are also offering discounts dependent upon the number of EQA schemes purchased. We are offering a 7.5% discount for 6 or more EQA schemes purchased, with this increasing to a 15% discount when 12 or more EQA schemes have been purchased.

Alongside this change in financial arrangements, we also offer each organisation the ability to sign up to ten staff members to their EMQN account which will enable each team member to receive EQA scheme updates and regular EMQN CIC correspondence (instructions on how to do this linked here). This will ensure that our member organisations will not miss any of our communications and widen the opportunities for people within your laboratory to benefit from the expertise that EMQN offers.

As a recently incorporated Community Interest Company, we are very proud that we are able to reinvest some of our profits in order to support laboratories from countries listed in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Economic Outlook as emerging and developing economies. If you think that your laboratory falls under this category, please visit our website to find out more information on how to apply to our Evolving Economies participation scheme.

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