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In this section you will find information relating to the key dates of our schemes. Select the scheme type from the drop-down list below. Please note that some schemes are grouped, for example all Germline and all Molecular Pathology schemes. Others may be listed individually or in smaller groups. The information is a guide and dates are subject to change. Where exact dates are not known they are listed as TBC (To Be Confirmed), or only the month is displayed. Last Updated 28/03/2019.

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Technical Schemes 2019

Molecular Pathology Schemes 2019

Germline Schemes 2019

All Germline schemes also including Cardio Arrhythmias (Pilot), Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathies (Pilot), Stickler (Pilot) and RYR1 (Pilot)

Germline Schemes 2018

Molecular Pathology Schemes 2018

Technical Schemes 2018

NOTE: Postnatal constitutional CNV detection (array) previously known as arrayCGH