How to Participate

To participate in our EQA schemes you must to be a registered member of EMQN. There is a fee for this which is payable EVERY year.

Registered members of EMQN get an account for their laboratory on the EMQN website. The account allows users to:

  • Register for, and participate in, our EQA schemes,
  • Manage your EQA schemes, return EQA results, view EQA scheme status, review EQA performance from previous years,
  • View and download your EQA reports (and past EQA reports),
  • Access educational resources (previous EQA reports, shared learning on root cause analysis)
  • Check all scheme purchases,
  • Download copies of certificates of participation,
  • Add/delete additional staff members,
  • Update contact information.

To register to participate in our EQA schemes:

  1. Log into your account on the EMQN website (
  2. Click the “Registration” button and select the scheme(s) in which you wish to participate.
  3. Please check that your laboratory details are up to date including the laboratory delivery address, primary contact email address and telephone number to ensure the smooth running of the scheme.
  4. Each laboratory will be charged an annual registration fee of £150 (regardless of the number of schemes applied for). This will be invoiced automatically EVERY year.
  5. If you register to participate in a scheme, we assume that your laboratory participates in that scheme. And thus a registration fee has to be paid, independently whether you submit results or not.

See the our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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