Registration for 2020 Germline schemes closes in:

Discounted Costs of Participation (Evolving Economies)

Laboratories from countries defined and listed in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Economic Outlook as emerging and developing economies can apply for a reduction of the EQA fees. These laboratories can take advantage of a significant reduction in EQA fees for a period of 4 years, provided the laboratories agree to continue to participate in EQA at full cost thereafter. The reduction of fees does not apply to the annual EMQN membership registration fee which must be paid in full.

Laboratories from evolving / developing economies

The IMF policy document lists the current countries defined as emerging and developing economies.

In order to apply for the reduction / discount in fees, the laboratory should submit a formal online application to EMQN (see above) together with the following evidence:

  • Number of years the laboratory has been operating,
  • Number of tests undertaken annually in the relevant EQA category,
  • Main source of laboratory funding, and
  • Approximate turnover in local currency.

The information provided will be reviewed and verified by the EMQN Office and, if applicable, a formal note of acceptance will be sent to the laboratory.  The final decision regarding fee reduction lies with the EMQN Director.  A laboratory in receipt of a fee reduction is obliged to inform the EMQN Office of any significant changes to the criteria listed under 5.2.3 above within one calendar month of a change.  Once the agreed period of fee reduction has expired, the laboratory will be invoiced the full cost for EQA participation.

The laboratory must pay the minimum annual EMQN registration fee each year.

The laboratory must participate for 5 consecutive years in each EQA scheme that they register for.

The laboratory agrees to pay the full EQA scheme fees after the agreed period of fees reduction has expired. If the laboratory fails to participate in any of the four years without first notifying EMQN, then the full cost of participation for those years is payable.

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