Costs of Participation

EMQN is a not-for-profit, self-funding organisation. We recognise the financial constraints being imposed upon many laboratories and therefore we keep our participation fees as low as possible.

Our participation costs vary depending on the EQA scheme. The information below gives an overview however we advise that you consult page 60 of our current EQA scheme catalogue which can be downloaded from HERE.

  • £55 – Primary Laboratory contact (annual membership fee)
  • £50 – Additional Laboratory contact (annual membership fee / per user) – up to 4 additional users.
  • £100 to £289 – Germline EQA schemes
  • £100 to £438 – Molecular Pathology EQA schemes
  • £289 to £600 – Technical EQA schemes

Sometimes we receive sponsorship from a third party (for example AstraZeneca) to cover the costs of laboratory participation in an EQA scheme. When this happens, this is clearly documented in the scheme catalogue and the scheme cost is discounted accordingly from the laboratory’s invoice after the scheme registration process has finished.

Laboratories based within the European Union (EU) must supply their VAT/Tax number so the UK 20% charge is not applied to the invoice. All laboratories based out-with the EU will not be charged any VAT/ Tax. If you require any further information then please contact the EMQN office.

Laboratories in developing / evolving economies are eligible to apply for our “Evolving Economies Discount “ that is offered to encourage participation.