Costs of Participation

EMQN is a community interest company (CIC) registered in England (Number: 12020789. VAT / Tax Number: 329563282). As a CIC, we recognise the financial constraints being imposed upon many laboratories and therefore we keep our participation fees as low as possible. We therefore offer a number of options to help laboratories manage the costs of EQA participation and EMQN membership.

Our participation costs vary depending on the EQA scheme. The information below gives an overview however we advise that you consult page 73 of our current EQA scheme catalogue which can be downloaded from HERE.

  • £150 – Annual membership fee for a laboratory (up to 10 users can be registered to the account). Additional quotas of 5 users can be purchased for £50 (per quota). Please note that the functionality to register 10 or more users to an account will be available from November 2019.
  • £100 to £300 – Germline EQA schemes
  • £100 to £445 – Molecular Pathology EQA schemes
  • £100 to £610 – Technical EQA schemes

Sponsored EQA schemes

Sometimes we receive sponsorship from a third party (for example AstraZeneca) to cover the costs of laboratory participation in an EQA scheme. When this happens, this is clearly documented in the scheme catalogue and the scheme cost is discounted accordingly from the laboratory’s invoice after the scheme registration process has finished.

Laboratories in developing / evolving economies

If a laboratory meets the thresholds outlined in our  “Evolving Economies Discount”  option, then it may be eligible for discounted costs of participation. This option is offered to encourage EQA scheme participation.


EMQN works with a number of different distributors to ensure that our activities are accessible to all interested laboratories. This is particularly important in countries outside of the EU where customs and importation restrictions make it difficult for individual laboratories to get import licenses. Where distributor arrangements exist, then their may be differences in the pricing structure due to VAT/Tax, logistics and handling costs.

VAT / Tax

The pricing of all products sold by EMQN (EQA schemes and memberships) is exclusive of VAT/Tax which will be charged on our invoices as follows:

  • Customers from the United Kingdom (UK): Our products are liable to VAT and this will be added to all invoices.
  • Customers from the European Union (EU): Our products are liable to UK VAT/Tax (20%) unless the customer can supply their VAT/Tax number; those customers will be required to account for VAT/Tax in their own region under the reverse charge scheme. The VAT/Tax number can be updated in the users EMQN website account.
  • Customers outside of the EU or UK: VAT/Tax will not be charged on invoices.

Payment terms

Our payment terms are 30 days. There are penalties for late payment and interest (Bank of England base rate plus 1%), charged per month, will be applied to outstanding balances after the invoice payment date.

Purchase orders

If you require a purchase order quote to register for the EQA scheme then please contact us ( Please ensure the annual £150 registration fee is included in the total amount stated on the purchase order.

Other information

EMQN is a community interest company (CIC) registered in England (Number: 12020789. VAT/Tax Number: 329563282).  For more information please contact us ( or see our website (

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