Membership costs

EMQN is a not-for-profit organisation. Annual charges are based on the full cost of providing EQA services and operating the Scheme


The annual fee for membership is 55 GBP and must be paid yearly to ensure your account remains active (see T&C’s of membership). Laboratories have the option to register an additional 4 users for an account – the charge for this is 50GBP per user. The current tariff of charges is EQA based and, as such, subject to continuous review. A full breakdown of prices can be found in our EQA scheme catalogue. Refund of EQA charges is only payable in exceptional circumstances and at the EMQN Director’s discretion.

An evolving economies discount policy is available to encourage participation.


EMQN is hosted within the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, which is part of Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT), Manchester, UK. Therefore all EMQN invoicing will be performed by CMFT. If you require a purchase order to register for the EQA scheme then please contact us for account details.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure the annual registration fee is included in the total amount stated on the purchase order.