2024 Molecular Pathology and Technical EQA scheme registration closes in:

Accelerate Your Adoption of New Technology

The EMQN responds to innovative testing technologies with appropriate new EQA schemes to drive quality and accelerate adoption.

Where your laboratory is a leader in new technology adoption, EMQN compares and links you to other progressive laboratories in the field.

EMQN closely tracks developments in diagnostic testing as new technologies are adopted and applied. EMQN responds to these developments with new EQA schemes, providing support to progressive laboratories. Participating laboratories benefit from an independent measure of quality early in the adoption process.

An example of EMQN leadership is in the development of DNA sequencing schemes.

Other schemes currently being piloted, or under consideration include the development of EQA methodologies for:

  1. NGS Sequencing technologies
  2. Non-invasive prenatal testing
  3. Pharmacogenetics method to predict patient response to new specialized drugs
  4. Circulating free DNA in plasma
  5. Tumour mutation burden
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