EMQN CIC – The Change in Organisation – Invoicing 2019 onwards….

6 months ago

EMQN is separating from its host organisation (Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust) and will be a completely new independent company know as EMQN CIC (Community Interest Company).

We are currently finalising the set up of EMQN CIC and we will be invoicing for 2019 schemes in October 2019. Invoices will be sent from and paid to EMQN CIC.

2020 scheme invoices will be sent from EMQN CIC in April 2020.

We will supply all company and bank account information for EMQN CIC in October 2019. This may have an affect on any purchase orders you have raised for 2019 and 2020 schemes and information you may need to make the required changes will be sent with your 2019 invoice. 

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