Exciting news about a new ctDNA scheme for plasma testing in lung cancer

11 months ago

The umbrella organisation IQN Path (International Quality Network for Pathology) has initiated a collaboration between External Quality Assessment (EQA) providers (AIOM, EMQN, ESP EQA, GenQA (part of UK NEQAS) and Gen&Tiss) to provide a pilot cfDNA EQA scheme to assess the standard of testing EGFR gene mutations in circulating free DNA (cfDNA) in plasma, with the purpose of providing best practice guidelines in this field and promotion of high quality testing.

We would like to invite your laboratory to participate in this cfDNA EQA by registering with one of the EQA providers listed above. There may be a cost of 450 GBP / €500 per laboratory to participate in this EQA scheme but it has not been agreed yet. We are working hard to see it is it possible to provide it free of charge through sponsorship with a major pharmaceutical company – this has not been confirmed yet but we will let laboratories know as soon as possible. If you are based within Italy or France, then you are advised to register for the scheme with AIOM (Italy) or Gen&Tiss (France). The cost will be the same regardless of which EQA provider you register with.

The scheme will be identical (same materials, deadlines, assessment, etc) for each EQA provider. Consequently we request that you only register with one of the scheme providers and we kindly ask that you remain with that provider for future cfDNA EQA runs.

Registration for the 2018 cfDNA EQA scheme will close on 28th February 2018 and the samples will be sent out to laboratories in September 2018.

How do I register?
If you want to participate via EMQN, then please log in to your EMQN website account and register for the 2018 “ctDNA (EGFR gene)” scheme. We look forward to your participation in the cfDNA EQA scheme.

Any Questions?
Please contact the EMQN office (office@emqn.org).

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