EMQN EU Transition (BREXIT) Update – November 2020

3 years ago

We are making our final preparations for the changes that will come into effect after the 31st December 2020. EMQN has been working closely with its partners, distributors and customers to ensure we understand, and mitigate against, potential impacts to our customers.

In preparation we want to communicate to you, our customer, the plans we have in place to minimize disruption to our services, and to help you be as prepared as possible. EMQN will continue to operate “business as usual” during this time. However, while we are still awaiting the outcome of trade negotiations, we believe it is prudent to prepare for some disruption to the borders. With or without a trade deal, EMQN has put in place additional processes to support the movement of EQA products to our customers:

  1. We have delayed (by one month) the shipping date for our 2021 Molecular Genetics (germline) EQA schemes. Other corresponding deadlines have also been adjusted accordingly.
  2. We have signed a number of strategic partnerships with distributors in the EU to improve the distribution of our EQA schemes.
  3. We continue to use DHL for the majority of shipments. Shipment costs are included in the prices of our EQA schemes.
  4. Each EQA package will usually be valued at £20 (GBP) and so should not be subject to any additional duties or taxes. Any duties or taxes levied are the responsibility of the receiver to pay if applicable.
  5. EQA packages will typically arrive within 5 days of shipping from Manchester, UK.
  6. EMQN can supply additional documentation for shipping purposes on request such as an explanation of the origin and classification of the contents of the EQA package
  7. The EMQN Team will be on hand to help track and trace shipments when distributed. Track and trace information will continue to be supplied to the customer via the DHL website.

We thank you again for your support and co-operation during these potentially challenging times. If you have questions, please contact the EMQN office (office@emqn.org) and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Kind regards,

Simon Patton

Managing Director, EMQN CIC

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