EMQN collaborates with GenQA to launch pilot EQA Scheme for HRR gene testing in Prostate Cancer

4 months ago

Mar 06 2020

Manchester, UK, 6th March 2020: EMQN CIC today announced it is collaborating with GenQA to launch a pilot EQA scheme for HRR gene testing in patients with advanced or metastatic breast cancer.

The scheme will focus on somatic mutation testing in genes involved in the HRR pathway (for example BRCA1, BRCA2, ATM and CDK12). The EQA materials will be Fixed Paraffin Embedded (FFPE) samples and any molecular technique can be used. The scheme will be distributed in September 2020 and laboratories will have 6 weeks to submit results.

The scheme is FREE to participate in and the cost of participation is being supported by an unrestricted educational grant from AstraZeneca.

This activity is restricted to 30 laboratories. Laboratories that wish to take part in this pilot are invited to complete our expression of interest form:


Applications close on the 31st March 2020 at 23:59 GMT. EMQN and GenQA will select the participant laboratories from the applications.


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