EMQN collaborates with GenQA to launch an EQA Scheme for cfDNA testing for EGFR mutations in lung cancer

4 months ago

Feb 26 2020

Manchester, UK, 26th February 2020: EMQN CIC today announced it is collaborating with GenQA to launch an EQA Scheme for cfDNA testing for EGFR mutations in lung cancer, with the purpose of promoting high quality testing.

We invite our member laboratories to register for this EQA scheme, which will be delivered in 2020.

The scheme is designed to test a laboratory’s usual diagnostic workflow including cfDNA extraction from plasma, mutation analysis of the EGFR gene and the analysis and interpretation of the genotype. The scheme provides artificial reference materials which are designed to mimic cfDNA samples with clinically relevant mutations e.g. point mutations, deletions/insertions in the EGFR gene at appropriate variant allele frequencies (%VAF). The scheme will be distributed in September 2020 and laboratories will have 6 weeks to submit results.

The scheme participation fee  is £350 per laboratory.

If you want to participate, please log in to your EMQN CIC website account, go to the “Purchase” page and register for the ‘cfDNA (EGFR gene)’. IMPORTANT: click the “Buy now” button to finalize the registrationPlease note that both the main contact person ANDadditional staff members registered to the account can register for schemes.

This EQA scheme will be identical (same materials, deadlines, assessment, etc.) for each EQA provider. Consequently we request that you only register with one of the EQA providers and we kindly ask that you remain with that provider for future cfDNA EQA runs.

Please also consult our website for more details regarding registration, result submission, payment, timelines and the whole EQA scheme process: http://www.emqn.org/emqn/Participation

Applications close on the 31st March 2020 at 23:59 GMT. 


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