EMQN CIC partners with Novartis to implement pilot EQA program for MET exon 14 skipping

3 months ago

PRESS RELEASE: Manchester, United Kingdom, 10th May 2022 – EMQN CIC today announces a multi-year partnership with Novartis to provide equitable access to high quality diagnostic biomarker testing globally, by supporting  global clinical laboratory External Quality Assessment (EQA) / Proficiency Testing (PT) schemes across multiple solid tumors and biomarkers.

This partnership enables the implementation of a pilot EQA / PT scheme for MET exon 14 skipping, in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) globally.

Through the partnership with Novartis, EMQN will be able to provide this EQA at no cost to the participant laboratories, and support the implementation of accurate and high quality diagnostic testing for patients in the rapidly evolving area of clinical diagnostic testing – this will be the first global EQA scheme for MET exon 14 skipping.

In addition EMQN/Novartis partnership supports a global scheme of PIK3CA mutations in breast cancer which will launch in 33 countries in September 2022. PIK3CA is the most commonly mutated gene, approximately 40%, in HR+/HER2- breast cancer. Ensuring quality of PIK3CA testing is an essential step in improving patient care.

Simon Patton, CEO of EMQN CIC, said: “The precision medicine market is growing rapidly and clinical diagnostic testing laboratories are having to innovate quickly to keep up with the latest developments. As these developments come on stream, it’s important that companies like EMQN also innovate to ensure that the control processes are in place to enable accurate and high-quality diagnostic testing for patients. We are delighted to partner with Novartis to ensure that appropriate EQA schemes are now in place to meet this need.” 

The pilot MET exon 14 skipping testing to NSCLC patients EQA schemes will launch in September, 2022 and will be available to genomic laboratories which provide MET exon 14 skipping testing to NSCLC patients. Laboratories that are interested in participating in this exciting new EQA are asked to register an expression of interest with EMQN CIC by the 31st May 2022 via this online application form.

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EMQN CIC is a leading authority in quality assurance, committed to helping ensure clinical diagnostic genomics laboratory test results are accurate, reliable, and comparable – wherever they are produced. The organization was established in 1998 after a successful pilot trial of a Huntington disease EQA scheme the previous year. From January 1999 to March 2002, the network was supported by a grant from the European Commission under the Standards Measurement and Testing Programme (contract number SMT4-CT98-7515). Since April 2002, it has been supported by subscriptions from EQA scheme participants. In June 2021 EMQN was spun out of the UK public health service (NHS) as a Community Interest Company (CIC). The new company, EMQN CIC, currently offers 92 different EQA schemes across 7 different genomics themes including Molecular Genetics, Molecular Pathology, Pharmacogenetics, Pre and Postnatal testing (including non-invasive testing), Sequencing technologies (Sanger, NGS), Virology, and bespoke Interlaboratory Comparisons. For more information please visit our website www.emqn.org.

EMQN CIC is limited by guarantee and registered in England and Wales (Companies House Registration: 12020789). Our registered address is EMQN CIC, Unit 4, Enterprise House, Pencroft Way, Manchester Science Park, Manchester, M15 6SE, United Kingdom.

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