Our Vision, Mission & Objectives


Your partner for promoting the quality of your genomic testing process.


We are committed to helping ensure diagnostic genomic laboratory test results are accurate, reliable and comparable wherever they are produced. To provide a high quality and timely service which takes into account the needs of it users.


Our objectives are:

  • To help to raise and maintain the standards of diagnostic clinical genomic testing.
  • To undertake and promote educational activities.
  • To be a leading authority in quality assurance .
  • To design and provide the best possible materials and data management.
  • To design and provide quality reports that are timely and valid.
  • To provide professional support and consultation.
  • To develop new EQA schemes as required.
  • To participate in peer review.
  • To strive for continual improvement of our quality systems.


Read more about our operational statutes .

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