Our Background

The European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) is a provider of External Quality Assessment (EQA) services which are essential for any laboratory seeking to maintain and provide a quality service.

We were established in 1998 after a successful pilot trial of a Huntington disease EQA scheme the previous year.

From January 1999 to March 2002, the network was supported by a grant from the European Commission under the Standards Measurement and Testing Programme (contract number SMT4-CT98-7515).

Since April 2002, EMQN activities have been supported by subscriptions from EQA scheme participants and currently EMQN offers molecular genetics, molecular pathology, and technique specific EQA schemes for molecular testing.


Our objectives are:

  • To help to raise and maintain the standards of diagnostic clinical molecular genetic testing.
  • To undertake and promote educational activities.
  • To be a leading authority in quality assurance .
  • To design and provide the best possible materials and data management.
  • To design and provide quality reports that are timely and valid.
  • To provide professional support and consultation.
  • To develop new EQA schemes as required.
  • To participate in peer review.
  • To strive for continual improvement of our quality systems.

Read about our vision, mission and EMQN Statutes.

Organisational Structure

The EMQN Office is physically located within the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester, UK. The Hospital is part of a much larger group of hospitals collectively known as Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The network is organised in a structure with four levels:

  • EMQN Management Board (Our Governance)
  • EMQN Office (Our Operations Centre)
  • EMQN sub-contractors (Our Collaborators)
  • EMQN labs (Our Participants)

Quality Policy

We are committed to helping ensure molecular diagnostic laboratory test results are accurate, reliable and comparable wherever they are produced. The EMQN will provide a high quality and timely service which takes into account the needs and requirements of its members.

Download a copy (DOC2745 Quality policy)


EMQN is an ISO 17043 accredited provider of EQA services. All EQA schemes are covered under our scope of accreditation unless explicitly stated otherwise.

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